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NOVEL INDEX - Links and brief summaries about historical fiction on Sparta by Helena Schrader.
ARTICLE INDEX - Links to articles Helena has researched and written that pertain to the lives and times of King Leonidas I and Queen Gorgo of Sparta.
  • LAND OF LEONIDAS - Article about Lacedaemon (Sparta), the valley of the Eurotas River.
  • SMILE OF LEONIDAS -  "A contemporary work of art found in Sparta believed to portray Leonidas depicts him smiling. Whether the statue is truly a portrait of Leonidas or not, it reflects his spirit ..."
  • BRIDE OF LEONIDAS -  What is known about Queen Gorgo, and what that implies.
  • PRESUMED ORGANIZATION of the SPARTAN ARMY in 480 BC -  A simple and logical structure for the Spartan army that contradicts no known facts and provides a consistent framework for the events described in my novels
SOURCES - Resources used in this site and for your own further research.

SCREEN SAVER - Free screen saver of Greek art that was prominent in Sparta during the lives of Leonidas and Gorgo.

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