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Martin |
I like your site and appreciate the work done on it! I must read your novels some time. Looking up Gorgo with google is what linked me here, thanks for the cool info!
1 April 2014 - North Carolina
Megan S.
Your page on Sparta helped me alot thank you so much! i wish it had details on religion and more of the specific duties of women, besides mother and wife but thanks so much.
15 August 2012 - Wyoming

Webmaster comments   Megan,
My Sparta Reconsidered Site ( provides much more information on women. (This site is dedicated only to Leonidas and Gorgo and my biographical novel about them.) Spartan women had the essential role of managing the individual estates each Spartan citizen received either at birth or at adulthood. They thereby held the keys to their husband's citizenship and controlled a vital sector of the Spartan economy. Economic power always brings social status.
the fogman |
i cannot wait to read these books of yours. i have been a huge fan and interested student of leonidas, and his loyal 300, since i was a boy that became transfixed with the glorious stand near the hot springs. for 50 full years i have keenly researched and read of the exploits of these chaps. good luck with your books, i have a feeling they will bode very well for you helena. - fognacious del mondo.
18 July 2012 - Canada
G.Kuhn |
Hello Mrs. Schrader,
I read your books about leonidas. Its an fresh alternative to other books about ancient Sparta.thank you very much For your great work.

Greetings from Germany
14 May 2012 - Germany

Webmaster comments   Thank you! The third book in the Leonidas Trilogy is scheduled for release this September. Meanwhile you might enjoy "The Olympic Charioteer" or "Are They Singing in Sparta?" which are set in the mid-6th and mid-7th century respectively.
Tom Gartshore |
I've recently read several of your works: Leonidas of Sparta vols. 1 and 2, The English Templar and Olympic Charioteer. I found them to be entertaining and educational at the same time. Looking forward to part 3 of the Leonidas saga although I've got a pretty good idea how it will end.
14 May 2012 - Waterloo Ontario Canada

Webmaster comments   Tom,
I'm delighted to hear you are enjoying my books!
Yes, there's not much mystery to how the Leonidas Trilogy will end -- but all the more challenge to writing it well. I hope I do not disappoint.
Thanks for being a loyal reader and for taking the time to comment. Let me know if you want to be added to my mailing list for periodic emails.


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