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bulletA PEERLESS PEERbullet

Book II of the Leonidas Trilogy

Peerless Peer book cover Sparta at the start of the 5th century BC is in crisis.  The Argives are attacking Sparta’s vulnerable island of Kythera, but King Cleomenes is more interested in meddling in Athenian affairs.  His co-monarch, King Demaratus, opposes Cleomenes' ambitions, and soon the Agiad and Eurypontid kings are at each other’s throats.  Exploiting this internal conflict, Corinth launches a challenge to Spartan domination of the Peloponnesian League, while across the Aegean Sea the Greek cities of Ionia are in rebellion against Persia and pleading for Spartan aid.

King Cleomenes’ youngest half-brother Leonidas has only just attained citizenship at age 21.  He has no reason to expect that this revolt will shape his destiny or bring him to a fateful confrontation that will make his  name echo through the millennia as one of the West’s greatest heroes.  At 21 Leonidas is just an ordinary ranker in the Spartan army, less interested in high politics than in putting his private life in order.   He needs to find reliable tenants to restore his ruined estate, and – most important – to find the right woman to be his bride.   Meanwhile, his niece Gorgo is growing up. Not particularly pretty, she is nevertheless precocious and courageous – qualities that get her into trouble more than once.  This is the story of both Leonidas and Gorgo in the years before Leonidas becomes king of Sparta, and before the first Persian invasion of Greece sets Leonidas on the road to Thermopylae.

This is Sparta!
As you’ve never seen it before.


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